Wheat All About It Podcast Pt 2

Wheat All About It Podcast Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Where do you get your farm news? The paper, TV, the radio? The podcast titled "Wheat All About It," was created by the Washington Wheat Commission's Scott Yates, who came up with the idea for the weekly podcast after talking with farmers who said they didn't have time to read his magazine articles.

But, podcasting was a bit of a revelation for Yates who says he never used to believe in multi-tasking ...

YATES ... "However, with a podcast, you can drive your combine, you can drive your tractor, you can drive your truck, AND listen to the podcast. So, I really think it is a wonderful mechanism for people to make the best use of their time."

So, who is the "Wheat All About It" audience? ...

YATES ... "There are young farmers, there are farmers right in the middle, and there are old farmers and so it sort of depends where your demographic lies. You know, we're getting a lot of young users because they're very used to doing everything on their phone."

But, Yates says podcasts CAN BE for every generation ...

YATES ... "These folks are the foundation for the podcast, but you know, I'm and old dog. I am not a young whipper-snapper and I have learned to do all this. I've not only learned to listen to podcasts on my phone, but, of course, I have learned how to produce the podcasts."

"Wheat All About It" can be found on the Washington Wheat Commission website at ... http://wagrains.org/series/wheat-all-about-it/

If it seems too daunting, just ask the younger farmers in your family to show you how to download the podcasts right on to your phone.

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