Wheat All About It Podcast Pt 1

Wheat All About It Podcast Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Technology has changed just about everything we do on the farm, including the way we receive our news. Many of us are using podcasts that we can download and listen to on our phones.

That technology is not lost on the Washington Wheat Commission's Scott Yates, the creative genius behind "Wheat All About It" ... named after his childhood memory of the news boys in Boise ...

YATES ... "They would be out there with their newspapers yelling "Read All About It" and it's sort of a throwback to my journalism days and it just has that nice alliteration, read ... wheat, wheat all about it!"

And, "Wheat All About It" dates back to January 2017 ...

YATES ... "And, the reason I started the podcast was because I was once in a meeting with a lot of farmers and, you know these guys are very busy, busy people. And, you know, large farms now, wheat farms are 10-thousand acres and this particular farmer had a large farm, and I was pointing out to him that I had written an article in our magazine that specifically addressed an issue that they were talking about and he said, I don't have time to read magazines."

And, Yates says that hurt ...

YATES ... "I was crushed initially, but then you go and say to yourself, well how else can I convey information? And, of course it didn't take long for me to have the idea ... ah, podcasts!"

Listen tomorrow for more on this ag-centric podcast and how it came to be.

You can find "Wheat All About It" on the Washington Wheat Commission website ... http://wagrains.org/series/wheat-all-about-it/

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