King County Farm Message Pt 3

King County Farm Message Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. The urban-rural divide may be as wide as it's ever been with farmers and ranchers having to live by the rules set up, in many cases, by people who've spent little if any time on a farm. And, with most of the media outlets centered in the cities, rural America is at a decided disadvantage.

Unlike most of those in the farming sector, King county vegetable farmer, Rosella Mosby has a front row seat to this problem ...

MOSBY ... "I have a friend, actually, who lives in Seattle and he said, you know, Rose, he said, the lunatics are controlling the narrative, and I was like, wow, those are true words. Because that's what you hear. You know, I mean we're not hearing about farmers who are maintaining buffers and sequestering carbon and, you know, all of those good things. Like, nobody's telling that story and so we need to work on representing ourselves a little bit better and how we do that, I'm not exactly sure, but it's something to work on."

Mosby says it's a problem that all producers need to be aware of ...

MOSBY ... "I think that agriculture is suffering kind of a narrative problem. And, at this point we can't solve a problem until we all agree we have one."

Mosby thinks we're on the edge of just saying, whoa! ...

MOSBY ... "You know, we could potentially be regulated out of business. You know, that's been happening, I think, for a long time, but at what point do we all says, okay, enough is enough and put our hands up and say, stop!"

And, Mosby says get ready because it will take everybody in agriculture no matter what you produce.

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