Imagine a World Without Potatoes Pt 3

Imagine a World Without Potatoes Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. "Imagine a World Without Potatoes." It's a worldwide campaign based in Lima, Peru that is determined to make sure we aren't taking our precious potatoes for granted.

Campaign director, Marc DeBeaufort says theirs is not unlike other food-based campaigns ...

DeBEAUFORT ... "The thing that most people, certainly in America, might remember that campaign about "Got Milk" and that was very because people began to understand that milk is not something, yes obviously milk comes out of a cow, but there is a whole process and it's a wonderful food."

He says just imagine, not having this food ...

DeBEAUFORT ... "The potato is one of those very important ones, and we should enjoy its versatility and not simply say, oh, there will always be potatoes. Let's hope there will always be potatoes, but the work that it takes to make sure that there are always potatoes, it's considerable and it's huge and we should never, I mean, I think that most people that we ask 'can you imagine a world without potatoes,' they're in shock. I mean, you can't imagine a world without potatoes. That's why they're so important."

Using the Potato Expo as a platform, DeBeaufort says it's a wakeup call ...

DeBEAUFORT ... "I guess sometimes, like maybe we've had a relationship that lasts for a long time or if we've been married too long, you start taking, perhaps, each other for granted. One must never do that. We want to reignite the passion for potatoes because they truly deserve our love and our, we truly should be grateful for that little treasure that nature gave us."

Go to for more on this worldwide campaign and how you can become involved.

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