Colorado Farm Bureau Raising Funds for Nebraska

Colorado Farm Bureau Raising Funds for Nebraska

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
Nebraska is still recovering from the catastrophic "bomb cyclone" that swept through the Midwest last month.

The Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation has activated its Disaster Relief Fund to help the farmers and ranchers impacted by the massive floods in the neighboring state of Nebraska.

Shawn Martini VP of Advocacy says one hundred percent of the funds raised will go directly to aid producers as they face the aftermath of this catastrophic natural disaster.

This is the first time that we have opened our relief fund and solicited funds for a disaster that is happening in another state. The reason for that is the epic and catastrophic nature of the flooding, just how big a disaster it is for producers and all the citizens of the state.

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson was unable to pinpoint exact figures on the total number of loses, he said the state's economy could be facing more than $1 billion in flood damage.

CFB's Martini says they were preparing for heavy losses to Colorado but the storm left the state much better off than neighboring Nebraska.

Don Shawcroft, President of the CFB Foundation. "The flooding is like nothing anyone has ever seen and it will take a huge effort to help Nebraskans recover from this event."

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