Green Manifesto

Green Manifesto

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Most of us have heard about the so-called 'Green New Deal' out of Washington D.C., the plan poked fun at for including things like the elimination of 'farting cows.'

State Senator Doug Ericksen says that radical, 'New Green Manifesto' is in Olympia too where the Democratic agenda could have devastating effects ...

ERICKSEN ... "If we actually implemented the bills the Democrats have introduced this year, we would be Venezuela. It would be new Caracas here."

Ericksen says some of the bills Democrats are proposing in the legislature are downright scary ...

ERICKSEN ... "Whether it be the 100% unaffordable electricity that guarantees brownouts long-term, whether it be the push for cap and trade, whether it be the redoing of all commercial buildings with significantly increased residential building standards that would jack up the cost of housing significantly."

He says some of the Democrat's ideas are not even possible ...

ERICKSEN ... "...saying absolutely no natural gas being used for electricity is simply not doable."

And, Ericksen says they use a lot of political double-speak ...

ERICKSEN ... "You want to have all your cars plugged in every night and plugged in during the day, but then they want to reduce the amount of electricity that's available on the grid. It doesn't work that way."

Ericksen says one-party control of the Washington Legislature has unleashed the worst impulses of the left with never-before-seen extreme ideology being pushed at the statehouse.

Theory trumps reality, contradictions are ignored, and even the most unworkable ideas are justified with rhetoric about "fairness" and "social justice."

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