Farm Bill Passage Pt 2

Farm Bill Passage Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. After months of back and forth, the 2018 Farm Bill is in the barn. Congress voted last week to overwhelmingly pass the legislation and put to rest the reworked bill and give farmers, including those here in the Northwest, an early Christmas present ...

NEWHOUSE ... "I think there's a lot of things here that we can point to as wins for Northwest Agriculture."

Representative Dan Newhouse says some highlights were of particular interest ...

NEWHOUSE ... "We are looking at a new crop insurance programs for several different commodities. One in particular being hops."

And, he says the new Farm Bill gives a once-prominent crop clearance for a comeback ...

NEWHOUSE ... "Another interesting thing is that as was the case during our nation's founding, the production of hemp used to be a big agricultural product and that again will be legal for farmers to produce in this country."

Newhouse says the bill also helps cover the needs for a lot of Northwest growers ...

NEWHOUSE ... "A wide variety of different things that were covered under the Farm Bill, as you can imagine, it's a huge bill that covers lots of different things, but certainly the kinds of things we are interested in as it relates to research, opening new markets, organic farming got a large increase in the amount of funding for research there as well."

Newhouse says some things like an improved nutrition program and forest management still need work, but overall, it's great to have this done.

He also applauded Chairman Mike Conaway for his hard work getting the bill across the finish line.

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