Late Fiscal Filer Deadline Pt 2

Late Fiscal Filer Deadline Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. A friendly reminder from the USDA that the deadline for late fiscal filers for Whole-Farm Revenue Protection is right around the corner.

The Risk Management Agency's Lacey Menasco says it's important protection for growers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington ...

MENASCO ... "Most of our crop insurance policies do cover against all the different natural disasters that can happen, natural causes of loss due to weather, heat, drought, wind, hail, things like that. What is unique about the Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Policy is that it does protect you against market fluctuations. The insurance is based on your five-years of tax revenue and so if there's market swings that effect the price, that is a covered cause of loss under Whole-Farm Revenue Protection.

The deadline, Menasco says is also for those who want to make any policy changes...

MENASCO ... "Any policy holders that currently have a policy that want to make any changes to that whether it be a change to their coverage level or price selection or the crops they have insured do have until November 20th to make those changes."

Menasco says the RMA is here to simplify the process ...

MENASCO ... "So, is someone wants to get insurance either for the first time or maybe look into what's available for them, the best thing to do is to contact a local crop insurance agent. There is an agent locator tool on the RMA website or you can also go to a local USDA Service Center and they can help you find an agent."

Just go to RMA.USDA.GOV to find out more about crop insurance and the modern farm safety net.

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