Tractor Supply Supports 4-Hers

Tractor Supply Supports 4-Hers

Russell Nemetz
Russell Nemetz
Thousands of 4-H youth from across the country

will experience valuable hands-on learning opportunities

as a result of Tractor Supply's Paper Clover

Campaign. The biannual fundraiser, held in partnership

with National 4-H Council, collectively raised

$1,999,661 in 2018 through donations made with purchases

in store and online.

Most recently, Tractor Supply raised more than

$1 million as a result of its Fall Paper Clover event

held from Oct. 3-14, marking the most successful fundraiser in the company's history. Tractor Supply customers participated in Paper Clover by purchasing

paper clovers for a donation during checkout at stores

nationwide or through purchases made online at

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