Wine Research Priorities Pt 2

Wine Research Priorities Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. We told you yesterday that the annual list of research priorities was just released by the Washington State Wine Commission and the 17 projects approved for funding from a pot of over a million dollars.

The Commission's Research Program Manager Melissa Hansen says the survey is based on a strong, cooperative industry and its origin ...

HANSEN ... "We have a really strong research partnership with WSU and it goes back decades, back to actually the history of the wine industry here in Washington because Dr. Walt Clore, who was a WSU horticulturalist. He's the one who planted little wine grape trials throughout the state and encouraged growers to consider planting wine grapes."

She says that relationship with Washington State University is a big key to the industries' success ...

HANSEN ... "And so WSU, we work very closely, they know what our needs are through the list. All the projects are approved through industry members. The Wine Commission Board actually recommends to WSU how funds are spent."

Hansen says Washington state has a research program unlike any other ...

HANSEN ... "So, it is very unique and the testament is the great progress that we're making in moving the needle on wine quality, you know, sustainability, environmental kinds of things out in the vineyard."

Funding for the research comes each year from the Wine Commission, WSU, the Auction of Washington Wines, and a state tax of one quarter cent for every liter of wine sold in the state.

To see a complete list of this year's research priorities OR if you've got a project you'd like considered, go to Washington Wine Dot Org.

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