Colorado Beekeepers Educate Year Round

Colorado Beekeepers Educate Year Round

Maura Bennett
Maura Bennett
Colorado Beekeepers know the growing season is when most people's attention turn to nature's pollinators.

But the Colorado State Beekeepers' Association is made up of volunteers who work year round to cultivate healthy bees and educate the rest of us about what we can do to help keep them healthy.

Ed Colby President of the state Beekeepers Association says the group started in 1880.

"Beekeepers have always had issues with pesticides and with some diseases. There was a phenomenon called the disappearing disease similar to the colony collapse disorder that we hear about today that happened back in the last 1800's.

Colby says his group provides a lot of advice to novice beekeepers in an environment that is increasingly stressful.

He says his 150 colonies were getting plenty of forage from dandelions and alfalfa on acres that have been tilled up for hemp and the CBD market.

But he says beekeepers are having success in treating colonies for another stresser..varroa mites.

He invites anyone interested in learning more about beekeeping to contact the group at

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