Touchet FFA Helps Oklahoma Fire Victims Pt 1

Touchet FFA Helps Oklahoma Fire Victims Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. 15-hundred miles is nothing for Future Farmers in Touchet, Washington where they're going the extra miles to help the farmers and ranchers hit by devastating wildfires in Oklahoma.

Touchet FFA Advisor Ryan Maiden says they got the T-shirt fund raiser idea from FFA alumns Carrie Hennigar and Nicole Frazier ...

MAIDEN ... "We jumped on board, thought it was a great idea, wanted to get behind it and Washington FFA Foundation was definitely behind us on this so their blessing and Carrie and Nicole the shirt and we're running it. It's live until the end of May and all proceeds are going to go to fire victims back there in Oklahoma."

Maiden says Everybody wants to help ...

MAIDEN ... "You know, we're a small-town community here in Touchet. Everybody's behind it. The kids are on board, the parents on board. They thought it was a great idea. I've got all kinds of participation from my kids. We're talking about doing a couple of other things down the road to help the people out. I mean, there's somewhere north of 300,000 acres of pasture land and farm ground that burnt back there so we'd like to do what we can to help out."

Maiden says it's what Ag does ...

MAIDEN ... "I mean if you look at farmers and ranchers, it doesn't matter where you're at, if you're in Touchet or Oklahoma or Texas, we're all one big family in the end of it. And, Washington's had its share of wildfires over the last year or two and we've seen support from our friends out west and down south and everybody's pitched in to help out in a time of need like that and that's kind of what we do in agriculture. When someone's down, we help them out."

Listen tomorrow for more on these young FFA members and how you can help.

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