BASF and Nexicor

BASF and Nexicor

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
BL: With us today is Washington-based BASF Technical Services Rep Tye Schauck. So Tye, what's on the minds of wheat growers in the Pacific Northwest right now?

TS: "Well, top of mind right now for most growers, with the Spring season we're seeing more rust and growers are starting to plan their fungicide application to protect the flag-leaf stage."

BL: Which rust diseases do growers here encounter and how can they control them?

TS: "One of the most common diseases we find in the PNW is stripe rust and that's typically around the flag-leaf stage when it's going to be very detrimental. And, BASF recommends Nexicor fungicide which has three trusted and proven active ingredients. These three active ingredients together provide broad-spectrum as well as residual disease control with consistent results and strong resistance management.

BL: And it's important to control rust diseases?

TS: "Especially during the flag-leaf stage and that's because up to 60-70 percent of the photosynthate for grain fill is produced at this growth stage."

BL: What other benefits can growers expect from Nexicor?

TS: "One of the benefits from Nexicor is it's very flexible for growers to use meaning that they can apply it in a fairly wide window. They can use it early in the season around tilling, as well as later in the season at the flag-leaf stage. And, then beyond controlling diseases Nexicor can also deliver plant health benefits which include improved growth efficiency through increased photosynthesis as well as increased stress tolerance which may lead to an increase in yield as well as crop quality."

BL: Contact your local BASF Representative or go to to learn more.

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