Trade Pacts with Newhouse

Trade Pacts with Newhouse

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. With the TPP out of the picture and lingering doubts over a renegotiation of NAFTA, concern is growing in the Ag Industry over the seeming lack of movement in establishing bilateral trade pacts to replace them.

That concern is not lost on U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse who serves the 4th District in eastern Washington ...

NEWHOUSE ... "I share that concern. Bilateral agreements can work well. We've seen that in past incidences and that seems to be the direction the administration wants to go. But, I share that frustration that we have not actively engaged in getting those bilateral talks off the ground."

Newhouse says there is plenty of discussion about how to best address the problem, but ...

NEWHOUSE ... "I'm frustrated that the bilateral talks with other countries are not moving, or I'm not even sure that I can say they've even begun. You know, trade is so important to our state that that is an area of high concern for me and one that I've been working with the administration on to communicate that."

Newhouse says farmers would love to hear that progress is being made ...

NEWHOUSE ... "In the absence of the Trans Pacific Partnership, we need to have these agreements in place with countries in order to keep us in the market, keep us competitive, and make sure that those overseas continue to be there for our producers."

With regards to NAFTA, Newhouse says he's much more optimistic something will get done after a number of conversations he's had with trade reps and others involved.

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