Wine Fundraiser Feeds Hungry Pt 2

Wine Fundraiser Feeds Hungry Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. A Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance pulled in $34,500.14 in donations to help feed those in need this holiday season.

The Wine Alliance's Ashley Riggs says the fundraiser is set up to be as efficient as possible ...

ASHLEY RIGGS ... "And I think one things that's really special about this campaign is because it's cash based, Blue Mountain Action Council, they do a wonderful job getting donations throughout the year both in money as well as canned food donations. But, really what this money is used for from Barrel Full of Money is to buy perishable and bulk-food items. So, it helps really round out what they are able to give out to people in need."

Riggs says they set up over 60 donation sites around the valley ...

ASHLEY RIGGS ... "We have donation canisters all over Walla Walla Valley wineries and local businesses between the months of October through mid-December. And then we actually have two large, normal sized wine barrels that we've turned into donation vessels. There are plexiglass sides so you can see all the money being raised and those are stationed around Walla Walla restaurants."

Riggs says the donors get more generous every year ...

ASHLEY RIGGS ... "Barrel Full of Money has been going on for seven years now and we've raised more than $127,000 cash in those seven years. And so, it's a community effort and it's helping a lot of people in need."

Business involved in Barrel Full of Money are Alaska Airlines, Baker Boyer Bank, the Marcus Whitman Hotel, Olive Marketplace & Café, Seguin Moreau Cooperage, and the Walla Walla Union Bulletin, among others.

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