Manure to Water Pt 1

Manure to Water Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Could polluted runoff from manure ponds at dairies become a thing of the past? The answer is yes if Sedro-Woolley-based Janicki Bioenergy has anything to say about it.

Janicki president Sara Van Tassel says they've presented the technology to both the House and Senate Ag committees...

SARA VAN TASSEL ... "Basically, what the technology does is creates a zero-discharge dairy and recycles all of the usable nutrients in the manure. So, what it does is takes the wet waste in and it evaporates all of the water portion. We can then distill out any of the contaminants, out of the water, as we cool it back down so that the water can be used on the farm either for the cows to drink or any other purposes within the dairy."

But what about ... the rest of the waste ...

SARA VAN TASSEL ... "All of the solids are sterile, pathogen-free solids that can be used. It has all of your potassium, all of your phosphorus, a lot of your nitrogen concentrated into those solids so it's a great fertilizer product or it can be used for bedding or any other needs on the farm."

Van Tassel says the company is ready to make this happen ...

SARA VAN TASSEL ... "We're certainly passionate to get it on a dairy farm and so we would really advocate for that to happen sooner than later. So, we would like to have a unit operational, probably this time next year, if we could find the adequate funding."

Listen tomorrow for more on this high-tech solution for eliminating manure ponds.

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