Chlorpyrifos and State Attorney General Pt 3

Chlorpyrifos and State Attorney General Pt 3

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Attorney General Bob Ferguson's attack on the most widely used insecticide has drawn the ire of the Ag industry.

Ferguson accuses President Trump's EPA of ignoring science, when a vast majority of the studies have found no adverse effects on humans from the use of chlorpyifos.

Washington Friends of Farms and Forest's Heather Hansen says farmers are the gate-keepers ...

HEATHER HANSEN ... "First and foremost, almost all the farms in Washington state are family owned and managed, and they themselves and their children and their grandchildren are eating what they're growing. And so, I don't know anybody that would feed something that they didn't think safe to their own children and grandchildren. And I guarantee you, everybody in this state is eating what they grow."

Hansen says Washington farmers have everything at stake ...

HEATHER HANSEN ... "Our farmers care very much about what they're producing, how they're producing it, and who the end consumer is. I love talking to farmers because one of the things that comes up so often is that they're proud of what they do and they're proud of the quality of the fruits and vegetables that we grow in this state. And they talk about how happy they are to be able to feed people. They really do care about the quality of the food."

According to the State Department of Agriculture, banning chlorpyrifos could impact many of Washington's most valuable crops, including apples, grapes and wheat.

The USDA has stressed the importance and success of chlorpyrifos since it was introduced in 1965.

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