Taste Washington Wine Month

Taste Washington Wine Month

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. March has come in like a lion, but wine lovers in our state are purring with delight.

The Washington Wine Commission's Heather Bradshaw says it's set aside to celebrate our burgeoning wine industry ...

HEATHER BRADSHAW ... "Taste Washington Wine Month is here. It's throughout the month of March. Restaurants, retailers, hotels and wineries are running special promotions to celebrate the wine industry in our state."

Did you say, "specials"?

HEATHER BRADSHAW ... "Yeah, especially around the Seattle area you'll see a lot of restaurants who are running special promotions on Washington state wine, which we love to see, throughout the month of March. You can actually go to the Washington Wine Dot ORG, our website, and we have a live tag board there that tracks all of the offers and promotions that are going throughout the month."

Bradshaw says the month-long celebration culminates with the 20th Taste Washington Festival in Seattle ...

HEATHER BRADSHAW ... "Taste Washington is celebrating its biggest year yet. We have nearly 300 wineries and over 70 restaurants and top national chefs participating in the festival. It goes March 23rd through the 26th with the big days are the Saturday and the Sunday, the 25th and the 26th, with the Grand Tasting events. And that's where you'll find nearly 300 wineries and 70 restaurants pouring you samples and bites and it just takes over the CenturyLink Event Center. It's a really fantastic event."

Visit Taste Washington Dot Org for information about the wineries and restaurants involved, the expanded lineup of events and ticket sales.

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