WAVE Seminar in April for Wine Industry Pt 2

WAVE Seminar in April for Wine Industry Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
With today's Fruit Grower Report, I'm Bob Larson. Wine industry folks will be catching the WAVE in Prosser next month to learn the latest industry news.

Washington Wine Commission's Melissa Hansen says discussion topics will range from dealing with Grape Mealybugs, irrigating by variety and new irrigation techniques, nutrient management, the impact of grape maturity on your wine, and smoke taint during wildfire season ...

MELISSA HANSEN ... "The beauty of the April 19th date is that it brings in both the vineyard and enology. So, it's always good for winemakers to hear and know more about what's happening in the vineyards, as well as growers need to know what the impact of what they do in the vineyard has on the ultimate wine quality."

But, Hansen says if that date doesn't work for you, they've got a couple of options ...

MELISSA HANSEN ... "We will also hold two additional, we call them Wave-X, and they will be in July in Woodinville and Walla Walla, and those are designed more for enology, more for the winemaker side. They're will be short condensed sessions, three speakers, and a more of a hands-on approach to how to deal with problems in the wine making arena."

Hansen recommends, for just $15, don't wait to register ...

MELISSA HANSEN ... "I believe April 10th is our registration cutoff and, as I said, last year was a sell out and we couldn't accommodate everybody. We do have a bigger venue this year, but you don't want to wait too late. As I said, it's a nominal fee for a way to find out what's happening and how to apply this research in your own operation."

The WAVE seminar will be held at the Walter Clore Center in Prosser.

Registration for the two Wave-X sessions opens in May.

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