Watching Out For Vegetable Growers

Watching Out For Vegetable Growers

Susan Allen
Susan Allen
Welcome, I'm Susan Allen. I am simply stunned as I travel the state by the diversity of agriculture!

Today I had the opportunity to speak with Gina Grey president of the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association and a member of the Columbia Basin Onion Research Committee about the work of her organization.

GREY: So the PNVA covers any vegetable crops so it can be from beans to carrots to onions we've got asparagus just about any type of vegetable crops,and we cover Oregon Washington and Idaho

I am looking forward to attending your conference this year refresh me of the dates?

GREY: It's November 16 and 17 this year we have it at Tri-Cities at the Three Rivers Convention Center.

And it's established a great reputation

GREY: It's a very well attended show we do a good job of putting on talks that the growers want to learn about, current issues that are going on so a lot of growers are drawn in to see our presentations.

Many aren't aware that you offer scholarships

GREY: Two things actually we do, offer some scholarships for college and then we also have some research money we set aside in the organization W to give to perspective research topics.

So all you row crop growers, from herbs to onions put that November conference date on that calendar.

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