Producer-Focused Range Beef Cow Symposium Happens Nov. 17-19th in Loveland

Producer-Focused Range Beef Cow Symposium Happens Nov. 17-19th in Loveland

An exciting and informative educational event — Range Beef Cow Symposium — will be held in Loveland November 17th through the 19th.

Colorado State University Associate Professor of Beef Production Dr. Jason Ahola shares more details about this worthwhile event for beef producers.

Ahola: "We'll be hosting the bi-annual Range Beef Cow Symposium. It's held ever other year event so it's been eight years since Colorado hosted it. It is typically a very large event — upwards of 800 to 1,000 producers and a large trade show. That two and half days covers a lot of industry issues and also management topics for cow-calf producers in that rangeland environment."

To learn more and to register you can go to The event is very reasonable at $79 per person. Dr. Ahola shares something that is special to the symposium that participants always enjoy.

Ahola: "A neat part of this meeting that really doesn't really happen at other meetings. Is something called Bull Pen Sessions they're in the evenings. — it is basically where the speakers from the day come back in the evening with who ever wants to join them. And it is kinda an open discussion about their topic or anything related to what they talked about. It is a lot more of discussion format than a presentation format. It is about an hour and half each evening after the day's presentations. A lot of people say they go just for the Bull Pen sessions."

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