Changes for Wilbur-Ellis

Changes for Wilbur-Ellis

Changes for Wilbur-Ellis. I'm Greg Martin with Colorado Ag Today.

Yesterday, we told you that the Wilbur-Ellis Operational Center has been moved from Walnut Creek, California to Aurora, Colorado to be closer to their customers. Jim Loar, Vice President of Operations for Wilbur-Ellis says the company is soon to be 100 years old and has a long history of helping farmers and ranchers.

LOAR: We're pretty proud of that. We're in our third generation of family ownership and quite honestly we're starting to see the fourth generation at board meetings and talking about someday in their careers being part of the business.

Loar says that Wilbur-Ellis is always looking for new ways to help agriculture.

LOAR: We're looking at penetrating local markets, organic growth through same store sales and same store growth. We're looking at several acquisitions as a company. We're launching several new products, several new branded products as Wilbur-Ellis in the chemical side, the adjuvant side, the nutritional side, the seed side and probably our most exciting launch is our agronomy support system that we call AgVerdict.

AgVerdict is a very robust agronomy support system that went online as of January 1st.

LOAR: The big difference between AgVerdict and some other systems you might have heard of is we're not just focused on corn and soybeans. AgVerdict supports over 220 crops and and we're real excited about being able to offer a blueberry grower, and apple grower or a rice grower the same platform and opportunities as other people are offering to a corn or soybean grower.

And that's Colorado Ag Today. I'm Greg Martin, thanks for listening on the Ag Information Network of the West.

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