Farm Safety Programs

Farm Safety Programs

Farm Safety Programs

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

The Washington Farm Bureau staff works with employers to implement safety programs, accident prevention techniques, claims handling and more. WFB Safety Director Jeff Lutz says they're currently in the process of putting together a new safety training series for members.

LUTZ: One of the new programs is the food safety consulting program. As the tree fruit industry moves beyond their food safety it's other commodities in agriculture that will need our help. We write up safety manuals for our members and we help them - it's called an accident prevention program. We help with employee handbooks. We help with claims management and workers compensation issues. You try to prevent injuries, but if we do have an injury we help the employer and the employee get back to work and manage the workers compensation end of it.

WFB also works on environmental issues dealing with water or land use on the farm.

LUTZ: Those are cornerstones of what Farm Bureau does and those are things that we help with, and will be part of this new program that we're rolling out. We'll have seminars that we'll do and people will be able to come and get some valuable information from us and from industry experts that can guide them and direct them on a myriad of different things.

While some seminars will be fee based Lutz says the majority of their services are free to members.

LUTZ: If you're in our Retro Program - and you're enjoying the process that we work through our workers comp system - all of our services are free of charge and we strive to perform and help our members do their jobs better. They know farming and we know the workers comp system. They know farming and we know the safety system. And so let us help you with those.

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