Human Resources Training

Human Resources Training

Human Resources Training

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

Just in time for harvest WAFLA will be hosting a webinar series addressing issues which are crucial for HR staff of seasonal employers. WAFLA's Dan Fazio explains -beginning with the September 11 webinar.

FAZIO: Our first webinar is called "Conducting an HR Investigation". If you have a couple of employees who get into it at work or a worker complains of harassment you know the company has to investigate – or you get set up for fines and penalties if you don't do an investigation. Some companies even hire an expert to conduct the investigation.  So we're going to talk about that. Rod Stephens is an attorney over in Puyallup who specializes in this kind of training and conducting these kinds of investigations and he's going to have all the appropriate forms, policies, and pointers for managing investigation.

The September 18 webinar will be conducted by Jason Resnick, Vice President and General Counsel with Western Growers.

FAZIO: Jason is going to speak about a recent trend in California to move away from piece rate and move more into hourly pay - with or without a bonus. So that's very interesting to a lot of our growers up here, and I think it'll be the way that things will be going in the Northwest in the next five years.

Fazio, an experienced labor and employment attorney, will be conducting the September 25 webinar covering the laws, restrictions and regulations on what you can and can't ask during the hiring process and when you can do background investigations.

For more information on the webinars and how you can become a WAFLA member visit

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