Washington Cider Week

Washington Cider Week

Washington Cider Week

I’m Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

Washington state is one of the top apple producers in the nation, which makes it the perfect place to make hard apple cider. Sherrye Wyatt, Executive Director of the Northwest Cider Association, says that the cider industry here in the state is booming.

WYATT: Washington state cider is really catching on and our growth is incredible. Cider makers are not only growing by 10 or 20 percent they’re tripling, doubling and even doing ten times as much in just a year. For example, we had a cidery grow from 240 gallons to 54,000 gallons in just a couple of years.

It’s no surprise then that the Governor has proclaimed September 4 through the 14 as Washington Cider Week, and Wyatt says that the festivities and celebrations start early.

WYATT: On the eve of cider week there is the kick-off of the new CIDERCRAFT magazine, which is the first national magazine that’s completely devoted and dedicated to cider. And that kick-off party is happening in Seattle at the Pan Pacific Hotel. The entire public is invited. So, there’ll be cider makers there pouring their cider, as well as people from the publication, and anyone interested in learning a little bit more about cider.

The lineup of activities and special menu items being planned throughout the state during Washington Cider Week is quite extensive; with dozens of different cideries, pubs, restaurants, and markets taking part. Tomorrow Wyatt will be back to talk about all the different ways to celebrate Cider Week. For more information about Washington Cider Week and the Northwest Cider Association visit www.nwcider.com.

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