Expanded Coverage On Forage Production

Expanded Coverage On Forage Production

Expanded Coverage On Forage Production

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

USDA Risk Management Specialist Jo Lynne Seufer says that the agency is excited about the expansion for Forage Production coverage for the 2015 crop year.

SEUFER: We've had the Forage Production Crop policy expansion approved to several counties in our region, and those include Benewah, Boundary, Kootenai, Teton and Twin Falls counties in Idaho, as well as Pend Oreille, Spokane and Stevens counties in Washington state. Our coverage was previously only available in Klamath and Malheur counties in Oregon, but to have these additional counties approved for the availability is really meeting a lot of producers needs here in our region.

Seufer explains that the Forage Production policy is available to all irrigated practice in all these available counties, and the non-irrigated practice is available in select counties.

SEUFER: The alfalfa type is insurable in all the counties, however the alfalfa-grass mixture type is only available in select counties.

Producers in approved counties are encouraged to visit with their local crop insurance agent no later than September 30 to obtain this coverage. Producers should also contact their crop insurance agent about requesting coverage by written agreement, if a type or practice is not insurable in their counties. For more information about details for the 2015 crop year contact your local crop insurance agent.

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I'm Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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