Taiwanese Recipe Contest Highlights U.S. Table Stock Potatoes

Taiwanese Recipe Contest Highlights U.S. Table Stock Potatoes

Although Taiwan is the largest Asian export market for U.S. fresh potatoes, the United States Potato Board is continually looking at new venues to help increase market share. Earlier this year the USPB sponsored a new cuisine introduction program consisting of a seminar for culinary professionals from restaurants across Taiwan as well as a culinary competition in which chefs were asked to create innovate recipes using U.S. potatoes.

Sarah Reece, USPB International Marketing Manager shares more about this creative recipe contest

Reece: "As a results of this new cuisine introduction program we had five Taiwanese restaurants launch 14 new dishes using U.S. potatoes. These dishes included a potato soufflé, a potato-truffle risotto and even included a potato ice cream. The winning restaurant, La Rotisserie, who added five new U.S. potato dishes to their menu. These dishes included a crispy cod with U.S. potato mousse, a ginger-potato soup, a potato gnocchi and a potato bread."

She adds by bringing these new dishes to Taiwanese consumers through these new menu items — it will showcase new innovative ways to eat U.S. potatoes.

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