Signing Up for Assistance & Reservoir Is Flushed

Signing Up for Assistance & Reservoir Is Flushed

Signing Up for Assistance & Reservoir Is Flushed plus Food Forethought. I'm Greg Martin with today's Northwest Report.

In less than two years the City of Portland has had to resort to wasting water. In this case 38 million gallons of treated water is being drained after a 19-year old was videotaped urinating into the reservoir. Tests on the water came back clean but still the city intends on dumping the water even though the open reservoirs are often tainted by animals and insects. Officials are still deciding whether to pursue criminal charges.

Well you can officially apply for disaster assistance. As of the 15th, USDA began taking sign ups that were restored in the current Farm Bill. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says they have a dedicated staff of 2000 workers ready to assist.

VILSACK: They have until January 2015 to make application. Obviously it's first come first served in terms of the livestock indemnity and the livestock forage programs. As soon as people apply, assuming they have complete applications, they should receive resources and assistance several weeks thereafter.

Enrollment also began Tuesday for the Tree Assistance Program, which provides financial assistance to qualifying orchardists and nursery tree growers to replant or rehabilitate trees, bushes and vines damaged by natural disasters.

Now, what's all the fuss over probiotics? Rod Bain has more.

(USDA Report)

Thanks Rod. That's today's Northwest Report. I'm Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.

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