Immigration Reform Webcasts & Transportation Forums

Immigration Reform Webcasts & Transportation Forums

Immigration Reform Webcasts & Transportation Forums

I'm Lacy Gray with Washington Ag Today.

Dan Fazio, Director of the Washington Farm Labor Association, says they have recorded the fifth in a series of immigration reform webcasts.

FAZIO: We've recorded a twenty minute webcast with Steve Miller. Steve is a prominent immigration attorney in Seattle. So we wanted to get Steve on to give us the Big Picture of immigration reform.

Fazio says that unfortunately, it isn't that good of news.

FAZIO: Immigration reform this year is a 50-50 proposition.  It's a priority for a lot of people, it's a priority for legislators in our state, but it's definitely behind government funding, shutting down the government, Syria, the farm bill, and other things that they have on their plate in D.C. The House is looking at individual bills to solve individual immigration problems.  Of course, one of them is the agriculture workforce issue, but Steve Miller thinks that it's not going to be possible to have individual bills to solve individual problems. The biggest holdup is what to do with the undocumented immigrants who are currently here. In our webcast Steve Miller discusses several possibilities for what we can do short of giving them citizenship.

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The first few Senate transportation feedback forums hosted by the Senate Transportation Committee have been highly attended, so much so that additional forum dates and locations have been added. One of those is tonight from 6-9 p.m. at the Columbia Basin College in Pasco. One of the main topics discussed at previous forums is whether the Legislature should pass a gasoline tax increase to pay for a transportation package.

For forum times, dates and locations visit

That's Washington Ag Today.

I'm Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.

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