Mexican Supermarkets Partners with USPB to Educate Consumers

Mexican Supermarkets Partners with USPB to Educate Consumers

The United States Potato Board has been working with retail grocery stores in Mexico to educate Mexican consumers about U.S. potatoes.

USPB International Marketing Manager Sarah Reece says

Reece: “We’re doing this by providing variety information, point of sale materials and by conducting in-store retail promotions. In addition to these activities, this year we held nutritional workshops with four retail chains to tell the nutritional value of U.S. potatoes. During each of workshops a nutritionist sets up a display in the produce section of each of the supermarkets to talk nutrition with consumers. The nutritionist taught consumers how to eat right including discussing the Well-Eating Plate - the Mexican equivalent of the food pyramid, caloric needs by age as well as portion sizes. During the workshop the nutritionist also highlight the importance of potatoes in a consumer’s diet, the nutrients they contain and their health benefits.”

Reece shares the results of these workshops.

Reece: “These workshops were held in eight stores in Mexico. The nutrition workshops reached over 1,700 consumers and they increased U.S. potato sales on average in these stores by 423 percent during these promotions.”

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