Agribusiness Update for Monday 4/22/13

Agribusiness Update for Monday 4/22/13

This is the Agribusiness Update...I’m Greg Martin...

Several state legislatures have now declined to advance bills that are designed to stop undercover investigations on farms. California is the latest example - where the author of a bill that would have limited undercover farm animal abuse investigations pulled the measure just hours before a committee vote.

The work of USDA scientists has resulted in the availability of a more comprehensive and consistent system for modeling phosphorus loss. The Phosphorus Index was developed to gauge the risk of phosphorus losses from fields. Individual states modified this original index to incorporate local variations in soils, climate, management and water quality goals.

According to the U.S. Grains Council - the impact of the bird flu outbreak in China on poultry production and feed demand is uncertain. As live bird markets close - the Council says the reduction of poultry inventories will reduce feed consumption in the industry.

That’s today’s Agribusiness Update from the Ag Information Network. 

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