DOT Regulations Workshops

DOT Regulations Workshops

DOT Regulations Workshops

Washington Ag Today is presented by AMMO. I’m Lacy Gray

AMMO, the Agricultural Marketing & Management Organization, is a group of local suppliers, accountants, attorneys, marketing companies, and lenders with the primary goal of helping Washington producers increase profitability by making better farm management decisions. This year AMMO is offering several Farm Management Training Workshops. The first of these run January 7-10 and focus on complying with new DOT regulations. Workshop speaker, Larry Pasco, a Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer with the Washington State Patrol, explains the goal of the DOT workshops.

PASCO: We want to assist the farmers and the agricultural commodity transporters so they safely operate commercial motor vehicles - try to help them to become legal and protect the resources that we have in the state of Washington.

Some of the topics covered will include hazardous material labeling, vehicle weight restrictions, and drivers’ license requirements.

PASCO: One of the big things we’ll be working on too is there’s some new exemptions coming up for agricultural commodities and it’s called “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century”. We wanted to touch on some of the changes that will probably occur within the state because of that.

Workshops will also include hands-on inspections.

PASCO: We will be bringing officers in, having a pieces of equipment, and spending some time on what things need to be looked at so that they’re in a proper operating condition, as well as interact on questions that they may come up on when they do these inspections that they’re not sure of.

For workshop locations and information visit AMMO’s website at AMMO is a program of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.


That’s Washington Ag Today presented by AMMO. I’m Lacy Gray on the Ag Information Network.  

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