Hay Growers Expo & Wolf Management

Hay Growers Expo & Wolf Management

The Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick will be a buzz with activity January 16th through the 17th when over 500 hay growers and industry members gather at the Washington State Hay Growers Association Expo and Trade Show. Topics covered during the two day convention will include farm finances and transition planning, pest and weed control, maintenance and hay varieties, and marketing. Luncheon speakers will be retired NASA astronaut Story Musgrave, and family succession planning motivational speaker Jolene Brown. For more information visit the Washington State Hay Growers Association website.

Vic Stokes, President of the Washington Cattlemen’s Association says that the growing wolf population in the state will have wolf management continuing to be a top priority and concern in 2013.

STOKES: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is still working on the distinct population segment for the western two thirds of the state and everything, so we’re kind of anxious to try and get these wolves under full state management and then kind of see where we can go from there. I know there’s a possibility of some groups that are trying to push the service into considering another distinct population segment. I don’t know exactly where that would leave us in our state plan, if the state would have to reconsider and create a new state plan for that population segment or what.

A status review on the gray wolf in Washington state by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife is expected sometime in late January, early February.


I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Ag Information Network. 

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