WSU Premium Beef & Dust Standards

WSU Premium Beef & Dust Standards

Just in time for the holidays WSU has launched its own beef brand for sale to the public.
The beef is from Washington born and raised cattle that, as WSU cattle operations manager Tom Cummings likes to say, “has been respectfully cared for by staff and animal-science students”.
Jamie Callison, who is Executive Chef and instructor with WSU’s School of Hospitality Business Management and has made several tasty dishes with the WSU beef, talks about his experience in working with Tom Cummings.

CALLISON: I actually get to visit the cattle ranch. We’ve talked about the qualities of the beef and what I would like to see different and he’s really worked with me in the research part of it to create this incredible beef. I really think that WSU is producing some of the best beef in the United States.

WSU is offering two kinds of beef for sale - Angus choice, and Wagyu, a beef originating in Japan and known for its tender quality.

Washington farmers and ranchers joined the nation’s ag community in celebrating the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement December 14th that the finalized update to the national air quality standards as required by the Clean Air Act will have no effect on the already existing daily standard for coarse or fine particles, which includes dust from farms.
The EPA said that “it expects fewer than ten counties out of the more than three thousand counties in the U.S. will need to consider any local actions to reduce fine particle pollution in order to meet the new standard by 2020, as required by the Clean Air Act. The rest can rely on air quality improvements from federal rules already on the books to meet this new standard.”

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