U.S. Table Stock Potatoes Arrive in Vietnam

U.S. Table Stock Potatoes Arrive in Vietnam

U.S. Table Stock Potatoes Arrive in Vietnam

I’m KayDee Gilkey with the U.S. Potato Update.

The United States Potato Board has been working to get gain market access for U.S. table-stock potatoes into the Vietnam market. That happened summer of 2010 and since then the USPB has been working with importers and retailers to provide them with information about U.S. table-stock potatoes.

Sarah Reece, USPB International Marketing Manager, says

Reece: “The first shipment of U.S. table stock potatoes is now in Vietnam. It just recently arrived in mid-September and is suppose to be on retail shelves at the beginning of October. This is going to be completely new in the market. Consumers have tested some of our varieties from samples that we sent earlier this year. From that we learned that Russet, yellow flesh and red potatoes did generated the most interest.”

Once the U.S. fresh potatoes on in Vietnam grocery stores, USPB will be working with retailers on in-store promotions so consumers receive recipes and information on U.S. potatoes.

Reece: “We think that U.S. potatoes will really work well in the market and can provide a quality that consumers are not currently getting. We see that imports are currently on the rise there as well as interest in Western-style foods.”

This was the U.S. Potato Update brought to you by the United States Potato Board, maximizing return on grower investment. I’m KayDee Gilkey on the Ag Information Network.

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