Another Retailer Gives In & Military Biofuels Use

Another Retailer Gives In & Military Biofuels Use

Another Retailer Gives In & Military Biofuels Use. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

It seems the list of retailers and restaurants asking suppliers to phase out the use of gestation stalls is growing every day. Costco is the latest. On Tuesday - they gave the group Mercy for Animals a letter they were sending to pork suppliers urging a phase-out of the crates by 2022. That came as Mercy for Animals was preparing to release an undercover video of one of Costco’s suppliers. But an independent panel of scientists at The Center for Food Integrity reviewed the video and concluded there were no signs of animal abuse or neglect. The animal-care experts said the sows were clean, free of lesions, calm and in good condition.

The Secretary’s of the Navy and the USDA spoke with reporters yesterday regarding the demonstration in local operations of a U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group operating on advanced biofuel, and to discuss the Obama Administration's commitment to strengthening national energy security and developing domestic fuel sources. Washington Congressman Doc Hastings says he has an issue with this.

HASTINGS: There is an issue frankly when the Democrats control both houses of the Congress, they imposed a standard on the Navy to have a majority of their fuels come from biofuel. Now the concept is good except the economics sometimes lack. The market prices as to the cost to the taxpayer, buying green fuel for the Navy is extraordinarily higher. It takes funds away from the defense of our country

Now here’s today’s Washington Grange report.


That’s today’s Northwest Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network. 

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