New Ideas Spur Renewable Energy

New Ideas Spur Renewable Energy

New Ideas Spur Renewable Energy. I’m Greg Martin as Line On Agriculture presents the Harvest Clean Energy Report.

Only a few years ago the idea of cell phones or flat panel TV’s were a thing of science fiction. Technology is changing quickly and new, better ideas come along all the time. Zack Butler, VP Global Green Energy Corp, says their new SunMiner™ product is a major change for the solar industry.

BUTLER: The reason we got into manufacturing was because we also realize the problems with the current systems that exist. In reality, all of the inverter companies are not keeping up with the solar module manufacturers. So what’s happened here is you get an increase in wattage in all of your modules but then guess what, you don’t get an increase if you are running just lines like a 5000 watt inverter and that’s what people are intending to do but what we also realize is that’s where a lot of line loss occurs.

He says that line loss is inherent in the design of the system.

BUTLER: So with the single module inverter, our SunMiner™ product, we’re realizing that because you can invert the power directly on each module you get a higher output of the entire system. Companies like EnPhase, they only produce their inverter - only goes up to 215 watts. What does that do for a brand new on the market 315 watt panel? They’re not really matching them properly. There’s not an inverter that will run the newer modules that are coming out right now.

Butler says their product is proving itself against the competition.

BUTLER: It’s essentially what they call a micro-inverter which means that it’s one panel for one but we’ve actually changed our terminology with it because now a single module inverter we’re seeing an output of 370 watts out of our inverter. There’s a number of other companies that are putting out some products that are maxing out at 235 or 240 with regards to the inverter. However, we’re still coming out with higher wattage and higher efficiency.

Global Green Energy is still in the prototyping stage at the moment on the SunMiner™.

BUTLER: We do have product, yes. But we’re not in full line production. We’ve actually been raising dollars right now. Because of our installation business we were able to develop our own product. So we took all of our funds and said ok, let’s put some of this money back into research and development. Well, we’ve developed our own product and now we’re actually piecing together our production facility.

For information on Global Green Energy visit and for additional information on clean energy, visit That’s today’s Line On Agriculture. I’m Greg Martin on the Ag Information Network.??? 

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