Soil Secrets & CCA Exams

Soil Secrets & CCA Exams

Since February this year, as a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture in Spokane has been the host of an on loan exhibition from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History titled “Dig It! The Secrets of Soil”. On May 19 WSU Regents Professor of Soil Science and Agroecology John Reganold will speak at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture as the final speaker for the “Know Soil, Know Life” lecture series accompanying the exhibit. Reganold talks here about what he sees as steps to developing farming practices that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

REGANOLD: We want to transform American agriculture so that we have healthy, innovative farming systems that are producing high quality food. Now to get there we can actually change policies, we can change our markets, and in some cases our science too. It’s really right now though as much of a market and policy issue as it is a science and technology issue.

The focus of Reganold’s May 19 lecture will be on being good stewards of the soil, and the role farmers, ranchers, and gardeners play in soil conservation.

Registration is now open for the August 3, 2012 Certified Crop Adviser exams. These exams are offered each year in February and August. Candidates can take the Northwest CCA exam and the International CCA exam. The August exam registration deadline is June 22. For more information and exam locations visit

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