Environmental Document Review

Environmental Document Review

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has prepared two environmental documents assessing the impact on the environment of proposed treatment plans to eradicate infestations of gypsy moth at two locations in Pierce County, and is now making them available for public review on the WSDA website. WSDA’s Mike Louisell explains why such documents are necessary.

LOUISELL: Each year when the Washington State Department of Agriculture detects a reproducing population of gypsy moth we do make proposals to eradicate that rather than let an infestation grow. And part of the process requires us to do a environmental review of the project area, and that would include complying with state environmental policy act and the national environmental policy act as well. Mainly to comply with Clean Water Act requirements.

The public generally supports the WSDA's efforts to control gypsy moth.

LOUISELL: I think we’ve won the battle of the public’s mind as people realize how destructive gypsy moth can be. It does attack over 500 types of species of trees and shrubs - deciduous and evergreens, and native plants. It can damage landscaping and vegetation. And unfortunately it can also establish quarantine areas that would affect forest and agricultural commodities.

The deadline for submitting written comments to WSDA on the proposed treatments is April 16.

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Northwest Ag Information Network. 

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