Less Competition, Special Session, & WSDA Free Exporting Seminar

Less Competition, Special Session, & WSDA Free Exporting Seminar

USDA analysts forecast US soybean producers will see higher prices and less competition from South America due to drought conditions; good news for soybean growers here in Washington state where soybeans are a fairly new crop addition. More good news, Washington soy bean producers now have a federal crop insurance program available. Dave Paul with USDA’s Risk Management Agency.

PAUL: A lot of growers, if they’re going to go to another crop like this, can’t get the financing, the operating money to put a crop in unless they’re backed by some kind of insurance, so we’re hopeful that as this industry expands in the Pacific Northwest that we’ve got some programs out here that can provide some risk management protection.

Special session for the State Legislature began yesterday to give lawmakers added time to reach an agreement on a plan to close the estimated budget gap of $1 billion. The Washington Farm Bureau continues to urge Senate members to balance the budget without implementing new taxes, regulations, or fees. 160 thousand people are employed by the state’s $40 billion food and agriculture industry.

More than $8 billion in sales of Washington-origin foods were exported to foreign markets in 2011, prompting the WSDA to host a free seminar “Explore Exporting - The World is Waiting” in Seattle March 21. The event will highlight the benefits of international trade and provide participants access to key resources. Companies interested in expanding through exporting are required to pre-register for the event by March 16.

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Northwest Ag Information Network.  

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