Crude Oil Release & Greenhouse Gas Report

Crude Oil Release & Greenhouse Gas Report

 Crude Oil Release & Greenhouse Gas Report. I’m Greg Martin with today’s Northwest Report.

How much of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions comes from agricultural operations?Dr. Marlen Eve, USDA environmental scientist, outlines what the new Greenhouse Gas Inventory report shows about the sources of greenhouse gas emissions on farms.

EVE: The nitrous oxide emissions from cropped and grazing lands results in about 43% of the total emission from agriculture and enteric methane from livestock results in about 28% of the emissions in 2008.

The International Energy Agency yesterday announced the release of 60 million barrels of oil from strategic government stockpiles in a bid to push down crude prices and underpin the global economy. This is only the third emergency release in the IEA's 37-year history. The decision will not go down well with OPEC and is likely to mark a cooling of relations between oil producer and consumer nations. The United States will provide half the volumes from its huge 727-million barrel reserve, about 1.5 days of U.S. consumption, with Europe supplying 30 pct and the rest from Pacific OECD nations.

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