Survey of wheat and barley varieties; Baxter Professor of Beef Research named

Survey of wheat and barley varieties; Baxter Professor of Beef Research named

Washington Ag Today April 20, 2011 Wheat and barley growers in Washington will soon be surveyed to determine which varieties of wheat and barley they have planted or plan to plant for 2011 Linda Simpson with the Washington Field Office of the National Agriculture Statistics Service says the agency partners with the Washington Grain Commission on the varietal survey.

Simpson: “Data from the survey will help seed producers and dealers insure ample seed is available for the most popular varieties. The Grain Commission also relies heavily on the data to help make sound research, marketing and export decisions. Some operators may be asked to provide a sample of grain to be sent to the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland for analysis after harvest.”

Simpson says this is only one of several important surveys, including the comprehensive June agricultural survey, the Statistic Service is conducting this summer on behalf of Washington farmers and ranchers.

Simpson: “Data from the June acreage survey and the variety survey will be used to prepare our July crop production report and the wheat and barley variety report.”

Both of those reports will be released on July 12th.

Washington State University has announced that Thomas E. Spencer of Texas A&M has joined the WSU Department of Animal Sciences as the new Baxter Professor of Beef Research. The university says Spencer has repeatedly demonstrated a strong ability to advance the fundamental sciences in uterine biology and pregnancy and apply those findings to applications that advance the reproductive efficiency of livestock.

I’m Bob Hoff and that’s Washington Ag Today on Northwest Aginfo Net.

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