Deadline for Conservation Innovation Grants

Deadline for Conservation Innovation Grants

Washington Ag Today April 19, 2011 The Natural Resources Conservation Service says state-level Conservation Innovation or CIG grants are available for 2011. The deadline to apply is May 31st for a grant to foster innovative natural resource conservation approaches and investments related to agricultural production in Washington.

Assistant State Conservationist Dave Brown says to be eligible, applicants must directly involve farmers or ranchers who would normally be eligible to participate in the Environmental Quality Incentives Program. Eligible entities and individuals are limited to grants of 50-thousand dollars each.

Brown says possible topics for grant consideration cover a wide range of resource issues such as soil, water, atmospheric, range, forest, wildlife management and technology transfer.

Now the Stockland Livestock report.

“This is Jack McQuinness with Stockland Livestock here in Davenport. Big run of cattle over 12-hundred on the market for the day. Cows and bulls fully steady. Top of 86 dollars on the weigh up cows and a $1.05 on the bulls. Call that steady. Maybe a little bit lower on the lower grad cows. Feeder cattle looks like we are under a steady undertone. Some of these seven-weight steers on the greenside up against $1.40. Rank and file of the seven-weight cattle in the 30s on the steer end. Heifer trading $12 back. Had some five-eight steers over $1.60 again today. Sold some summer calving cows for 13-hundred and some cow-calf pairs up to 18-hundred. Stockland Livestock in Davenport. Thanks for listening.

Thanks Jack.

I’m Bob Hoff and that’s Washington Ag Today on Northwest Aginfo Net.


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