What A Pear!

What A Pear!

What A Pear! I’m Greg Martin with today’s Fruit Grower Report.

I love to discover new foods and food combinations. Sometimes the combinations can sound a bit strange but taste wonderful. Roger Pepperl, marketing director for Stemilt Growers in Wenatchee says they are now promoting some great tasting combos.

PEPPERL: If you go to supermarkets today the cheese counters that they have put in are just really incredible so tying in cheese and pears is a natural especially with the varieties we have so we also look at it as an opportunity for supermarkets to cross merchandise with their cheese sections. Also to get a little lift by selling on both sides, getting the dairy shoppers over to the produce and the produce shoppers over to the dairy.

Cheese and pears? Okay, I said it might sound strange but give it a try.

PEPPERL: This “What A Pear” we came up with the idea and obviously it’s a pun on words, what a pair. The idea is you’re pairing things up and the really big thing behind it is it has a different pair on each card and it allows retailers to advertise and reintroduce things in the promotion. It’s got multiple touches. You’re looking at the consumer and you’re also looking at the retailer promoting things.

It’s like pairing fine wine with cheese. Red Anjou’s with brie; Bartlett’s with Gouda; Anjou’s with goat cheese; and Bosc with white cheddar.

PEPPERL: It’s hopefully a program that touches the whole food chain in a different way and different parts of it. We use some of that same strategy in apples. We do some apples and cheese pairings too.

Speaking of apples, tomorrow we’ll talk about an exciting new apple from Stemilt.

That’s today’s Fruit Grower Report. I’m Greg Martin on the Northwest Ag Information Network.

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