Touchet FFA Helps Oklahoma Fire Victims Pt 2

Touchet FFA Helps Oklahoma Fire Victims Pt 2

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
I'm Bob Larson. Touchet, Washington is a little farming community with a population south of 500, but the local FFA chapter is stepping up in a BIG way selling T-shirts to help the farmers and ranchers dealing with devastating wildfires in Oklahoma.

FFA Advisor Ryan Maidens says those people in Oklahoma need to know they're not alone ...

MAIDEN ... "I mean if you look at farmers and ranchers, it doesn't matter where you're at, if you're in Touchet or Oklahoma or Texas, we're all one big family in the end of it and that's kind of what we do in agriculture. When someone's down, we help them out."

Maiden says the T-shirt design is great and donations are appreciated ...

MAIDEN ... "All amounts are welcome. The T-shirts are $20 a piece and any donation is welcome."

He says, you can get the shirts or make donations at custom ...

MAIDEN ... "So, if you just log in to and you can search for 'a helping hand for our fellow farmers and ranchers' ... or if you can look on the Touchet 'Kidz and Biz' Facebook page, we're posting things on there. And, the Touchet School District website should have something up there in the near future for us."

Maiden says they're almost half way to their goal of 150 shirts sold, but anything above that or any donations, of course, are welcome ...

MAIDEN ... "We just want to thank everybody that has already participated in this event and anybody that is looking towards participating, we just wanted to give them a big thank you. We really appreciate it."

Every dollar received goes to the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation for Wildfire Relief Fund.

Go online to to buy one of the "A Helping Hand for our Fellow Farmers & Ranchers" T-shirts or to make a donation. All proceeds go to the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Foundation for Wildfire Relief Fund.

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