Mother Earth News Fair & Farmer Surveys

Mother Earth News Fair & Farmer Surveys

This weekend the Mother Earth News Fair will once again be at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.
Attendees at the two day event will have the opportunity to participate in over 150 hands-on workshops and demonstrations on everything from gardening, food preservation, and small scale livestock, to sessions on green building and remodeling, green transportation, natural health, and renewable energy. Linda Gilkeson, a Pacific Northwest gardening expert and author will be speaking at the fair Sunday on “designing resilient fruit and vegetable gardens” and “planting year round”. Without giving out all her gardening secrets before the fair Linda shares some pointers.

GILKESON: The three rules for a good year round harvest is - first you have to plant the right varieties and planting at the right time is absolutely essential, and then the last thing is planting enough. You’re going to eat out of this living refrigerator, that’s my favorite term for this. So, nothing grows in a refrigerator, it’s just not dead, but it’s not growing, and then once you start thinking of your garden as a living refrigerator you realize that things have to be mature by fall and there has to be enough of it for you to eat it all fall.

To learn more from Linda on how to fit winter crops into your summer garden and help plants survive 'weird weather' be sure to attend the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend in Puyallup.

About 140-thousand farmers will be contacted by the USDA during the first two weeks of June for farmer surveys on everything from spring planted crops, to grain stocks, to livestock and breeding inventories. Bob Bass director of the USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service center says, “It’s very important that farmers respond so we can get an accurate, clear, and unbiased indication of actual agriculture production across the country,”

I’m Lacy Gray and that’s Washington Ag Today on the Northwest Ag Information Network.

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