Alltech's Global Feed Survey

Alltech's Global Feed Survey

Alltech for the the past six years has conducted a global feed survey. China is still ranked number one and the U.S. two, but together produce one-third of the world’s animal feed.

Alltech Chief Innovation Officer Aidan Connolly shares more details of the poultry industry representing 44 percent of the total global feed production.

Connolly: “In the Global Feed Survey, we continued to see the growth in poultry. We’ve seen a flatting in the consumption or requirement of feed for pigs and ruminants — so these are fairly stable at round about that 200 million and 250 million level. But poultry has grown over the years of our survey, from 378 million tons to now 463 million. So that reflects the fact that poultry continues to be a species that people really want to consume and the consumption of poultry continues to grow.”

Connolly continues with the steady growth of India’s feed industry.

Connolly: “India is actually up over 7 percent again this year. That follows on a very strong showing of last year when it was up 10 percent. So India is fast becoming one of the major producers of feed globally and should indeed grow to be the world’s fourth largest producer next year.”

Overall in North America feed production remains relatively flat however the U.S. leads the world in beef feed production which was 10 percent higher than a year ago.

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