New Ag Committee Stacked with Florida Members

New Ag Committee Stacked with Florida Members

Haylie Shipp
Haylie Shipp
With your Southeast Regional Ag News, I am Haylie Shipp. Thjs is the Ag Information Network!

Know someone interested in serving on the Seasonal and Perishable Agricultural Products Advisory Committee? Wait…they aready filled it with a ton of producers from right here in the Southeast!

The Office of the United States Trade Representative and the United States Department of Agriculture on Thursday announced appointments to the newly established Committee.

From Florida, the roster includes:

Madison Astin, Astin Farms

Marie Bedner, Bedner Growers, Inc

Tracy Duda Chapman of A. Duda & Sons, Inc.

David Hill, Southern Hill Farms

Michael A Joyner, Florida Fruit and Vegietable Association

Adam Lytch, L&M Companies, Inc

Kenneth Parker, Florida Strawberry Growers Association

Jeb S. Smith, Florida Farm Bureau

From Georgia,

Chris Butts of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

And, representing the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas, Lance Jungmeyer and, from MBG Marketing, Brad Moorer.

If you were counting in your head, eleven appointees and eight of them from the Sunshine State.

The committee was established to provide advice and recommendations on measures to promote the competitiveness of producers of seasonal and perishable produce in the Southeastern United States. These members will share expertise in areas such as growing and selling seasonal and perishable agricultural products and the needs and market dynamics affecting producers.

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