Ag Trade Under Biden

Ag Trade Under Biden

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. Many stakeholders in U.S. agriculture are pushing for more overseas trade opportunities.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is one of those who says it’s time to open up more markets for American ag products …

ERNST … “We have seen President Biden fail to prioritize trade, and because of that, we're seeing record deficits.”

Ernst says even USDA numbers show an unmatched ag trade deficit …

ERNST … “A projected 30-and-a-half billion-dollar agricultural trade deficit for our fiscal year 2024. That is unheard of, and this should not be happening. So, it tells me President Biden and his U.S. Trade Rep Katherine Tai, as well as Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsack, they need to step up their game.”

Ernst says past discussions with Tai have spurred no progress toward improving the situation …

ERNST … “She will always just respond, ‘Oh, well, we'll take a look at that.’ I never get follow-up, and I know they're not taking a look at it, because she said in a public statement last year that there would be no new trade deals during the first Biden administration.”

Again, Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.

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