AI for Potatoes Pt 1

AI for Potatoes Pt 1

Bob Larson
Bob Larson
From the Ag Information Network, I’m Bob Larson. The potato industry has been battling misinformation about potatoes for years but is now using artificial intelligence to fight back.

Potatoes USA President Blair Richardson says his organization is testing the program now and the initial launch starts next month with X, formally known as Twitter …

RICHARDSON … “Right now, it’s working on Twitter, but we’re now expanding that out to other platforms as well. And we’ll be looking at Reddit and Instagram, Facebook initially, and then over time even more. So, right now it’s all in a test stage. So, it’s pulling the data in and gives us examples of responses that it would generate.”

Richardson talks about the costs involved to create and utilize the tool …

RICHARDSON … “The initial investment is about a half a million dollars. You know, once it’s created, there’s an ongoing operational cost to collect the data and pay for the computational power that is used to actually run the system.

I mean, that is around $75-to-$100,000 a year. So, as time goes on, you know, that’s less than the cost of a communications specialist in today’s world. And I think that it will be an exponential return on investment that we keep generating over many years.

Richardson says ideally, they’ll have to use it less and less over the years as they combat the misperception about potatoes.

That’s Blair Richardson, president, and CEO of Potatoes USA.

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